VB Veg. Minced Meat with Rice 素肉燥饭 325g(Vegan纯素)

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VBURG Veg. Minced Meat with Rice 素肉燥饭(Vegan纯素)

Weight 净重 : 325g

Ingredients : White Rice, Beancurd, Glutinous Rice, Vegetarian Oyster Sauce, Pickled Veggie, Soy Textured-protein, Corn Oil, Sugar, Soy Sauce, Dried Shitake, Sesame Oil, Mushroom Powder, Salt, Spices (no alliums, e.g. onion, garlic etc.)
配料 :白米、豆腐、糯米、素蚝油、腌菜、大豆蛋白、玉米油、糖、酱油、香菇干、麻油、香菇粉、盐、香料(不含葱类,如洋葱、大蒜ETC。)
Step 1 : Poke a few holes on the top cover.
Step 2 : Heating Options (Microwave 6 mins/Thaw and steam 15 mins)
步骤2:加热选项(微波 6 分钟或解冻和蒸汽 15 分钟)

***** Keep Frozen -18°C 保存于冷藏 *****


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