.Parent's Day Vegan ThanksGiving Healthy Gift Set 双亲节感恩养生礼盒

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双亲节感恩养生礼盒 包含

  • 2 包南杏仁粉
  • 1 张手作花卡 + 待写祝福语
  • 礼盒包装
  • 全西马免邮寄


成份:100% 台湾进口南杏仁粉 (无添加糖,无防腐剂)

  • 南杏仁又名甜杏仁、南杏,专供食用,含丰富蛋白质、植物脂肪,有润燥补肺滋养肌肤的作用,
  • 富含蛋白质,不饱和脂肪酸,胡萝卜素, B族维生素,维生素C, P以及矿物质
  • 含有助抗癌物质维生素B17被称为抗癌之果
  • 含丰富脂肪油,维生素E,单不饱和脂肪和膳食纤维有有助降低胆固醇,防止心血管疾病
  • 具有润肺定喘功效,养颜美容及美化肌肤
  • 适合长期抽烟和肺功能欠佳者
  • 帮助舒眠
  • 低温研磨口感香滑
  • 202 项农药残留检测通过
  • 5项重金属检测通过
  • 3项防腐剂检测通过


Parent’s Day Vegan ThanksGiving Healthy Gift Set contains:

  • 2 packet Almond powder (Sweet Apricot Kernel)
  • 1 handmade flower greeting card
  • Gift box packaging design
  • Free shipping across west Malaysia

Almond (Sweet Apricot Kernel)

Ingredient: 100% Almond (Sweet Apricot Kernel) Powder imported from Taiwan, WITHOUT sugar and preservatives

  • Rich in protein, Polyunsaturated fatty acid, Beta Carotene, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin CP and minerals
  • Consist cancer-preventing B17
  • Reduce cholesterol level and the risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Strengthen the lungs and moisturises the skin, keeping your skin smooth, soft and acne-free
  • Highly recommended for smokers and insomnia patients.
  • Passed 202 Pesticide Residues Tests
  • Passed 5 Metals Tests
  • Passed 3 Preservatives Tests

Net Weight for each pack: 400g


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