Radiant Chia Seed Noodle 奇亚籽面

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~ 奇亚籽面的卡路里,钠和脂肪含量低。 富含碳水化合物,并且是可溶性膳食纤维的良好来源。 奇亚籽含有Omega 3 脂肪酸和亚麻酸。

  • 不含防腐剂
  • 无漂白
  • 不含色素
  • 不含添加剂

~ 煮食:在热水中煮5分钟,然后与汤和蔬菜一起食用。

产品类别 :亚洲面类
认证 :

~ Radiant Chia Seed Noodles are low in calories, sodium and fat. High in complex carbohydrates and a good source of soluble dietary fibre. Chia seed has Omega 3 fatty acids and linolenic acid.

  • No preservatives,
  • No bleaching
  • No colouring is used in the making of this noodle.
  • No additives are added to make the noodles less brittle.

How to cook:

~ Boil in hot water for 5 mins and serve with soup and vegetables.

Product Of Malaysia
Ingredients : Australian stone-milled organic certified unbleached wheat  flour, chia seed, sea salt and filtered water
Net Weight : 250g

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