[Biogreen] Organic Blackstrap Molasses 有机黑金糖蜜

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👉 Biogreen Organic Blackstrap Molasses 有机黑金糖蜜

▶️ Product Origin 原产地 : India 印度
▶️ Net Weight 净重量 :220g
▶️ Price 价钱 :RM9.90

▶️ Product Description
~ Loaded with micronutrients such as iron, calcium, potassium and copper naturally present in the sugar cane plant; Biogreen Organic Blackstrap Molasses is a superior and healthier sweetener to brown sugar. This unsulphured, organic blackstrap-style molasses with a robust bittersweet flavour will add natural colour to your recipes.
▶️ 产品介绍
~ 富含甘蔗植物中天然存在的微量营养元素,如铁,钙,钾和铜; Biogreen有机黑金糖蜜比黑糖更优质,更健康。 这种无糖的有机黑金糖蜜具有浓郁的苦甜味,可为您的食谱增添自然色彩。

▶️ Ingredient :Organic Blackstrap Molasses
▶️ 成份 : 有机黑金糖蜜

▶️ Suggested Consumption Method
~ Mix 1 tablespoon (20g) Molasses into 200ml warm water, twice a day. Can be used as black soya sauce and mix with cooked noodles/rice, may add into soya milk or other beverages.
▶️ 建议食用方式
~ 将1汤匙(20克) 黑金糖蜜加入200毫升温水, 1天2次。可代替黑酱油捞面条、炒面 / 饭,亦可加入豆奶或其它饮料。

▶️ Storage Method
~ Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.
▶️ 存放方式
~ 请存放在阴凉及干燥处。避免热与阳光直接照射。

▶️ Friendly Reminder
~ This is a 100% organic product, the flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.
▶️ 温馨提示
~ 此乃100%有机产品,其色泽及风味会因採收季节不同而有所微差。

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