[NL] Mulberry Vinegar 天然桑椹果醋

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Mulberry Vinegar 天然桑椹果醋 (590ML)

自 2000 年前,桑葚也被称为“长寿之果”,一直被用作保健成分。 桑树生长在无污染的特定环境中。 桑椹醋,以优质桑椹为原料,经专业技术酿制而成。 它的滋养功能有助于加强我们的新陈代谢并有益于我们的消化。桑椹醋的鲜美风味也使其成为夏季饮品的最佳选择。

Taiwan No.1 Fruit Vinegar
台湾 No。1 水果醋

家家户户必备的养生果醋。 夏天解热最佳饮料。

– 防止色素沉淀



原料: 桑葚汁,糯米醋,天然果糖,蜂蜜 

-100% 天然物质
- 无人工香料,无色素,无防腐剂。
- 适合素食者。 

- 用 一份醋 和 5 到 6 份水搅拌
- 可以使用冷水或温水。 
- 上菜前摇匀

Mulberry Vinegar (590 ML)

Since 2000 years ago, Mulberry, also known as the "fruit of Longevity", has been used as a wellness ingredient. Mulberry vinegar, brewed through a professional technique, is made from high-quality mulberry, grown in a specific environment which is free from pollution. Its nourishing feature helps to strengthen our metabolism & benefit our digestion. Mulberry vinegar's tasty flavour also makes it the best choice for summer drinks. 

The benefits of Mulberry Vinegar: 
- Anti - pigmentation. 
- Promotes radiant skin 
- Improves eyesight. 
- Prevent blockage of blood vessels & stroke.

 -100% Natural. 
- No artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives. 
- Suitable for vegetarian. 
Ingredients: Mulberry Juice, Glutinous Rice Vinegar, Fructose, Honey 

Expiration: 3 years 

Serving Instructions: 
- Dilute with 5 to 6 parts of water. 
- Served either hot or cold. 
- Shake well before serving.


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