[GG] Bentong Molasses Sugar Ginger Slices 红糖嫩姜片

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Bentong Molasses Sugar Ginger Slices 红糖嫩姜片

Weight :160g / 罐

Ingredients :Molasses Sugar, Fresh Ginger and Salt, No Papaya, Preservative, Artificial Coloring and Saccharin.

成份 : 红糖,嫩姜片和盐。不含木瓜,防腐剂,人工色素和糖精。

👉 所有产品都是以健康出发来制成的,提倡真材实料,多姜少糖,所以嫩姜片直接吃的味道是超辣哦~

Description :

  • Taking ginger helps in reducing gas and improves digestion.
  • It’s been used to treat nausea and fight the common flu.
  • Molasses helps to maintain healthy bone and nourish blood.
  • The perfect combination of molasses and ginger slices keeps you warm and cozy throughout the day.

介绍 :

  • 姜有助于驱寒暖身,预防伤风感冒,也可缓解眩晕,恶心,呕吐等症状。
  • 姜也有开胃健脾,温经活血和增进食欲等功效。 红糖择补血益气,养颜以及促进新陈代谢。
  • 红糖和姜的完美结合,温暖您每一天。

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