Langit Lada Mupoh【Sarawak White Pepper/ 砂拉越白胡椒】

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白胡椒的比达友语 (Bidayuh)被称为Mupoh。为了获得白胡椒,我们采摘新鲜和成熟青椒浆果后,在流水中浸泡2个星期,并将其外皮(果皮)分离去掉。过后,这些浆果内部的种子将会被洗净并晒干,就成为白胡椒的成品。

Lada Mupoh来自砂拉越的单一产地和品种。我们的胡椒是使用有机种植,无任何化学成分。

  • 品种:古晋胡椒

  • 热量:温和

  • 香气:柔和,略带泥土味

  • 重量:65克

  • 马上点击了解黑胡椒和白胡椒的区别 here

White pepper in the Bidayuh ethnic language. To obtain white pepper freshly picked matured green pepper berries are collected and soaked in running water for 2 weeks to let the layer of the outer skin (pericarp) disintegrate. The berries are then washed and sun-dried resulting in the pale berries that we commonly know as white peppercorns.

Lada Mupoh is a single-origin, single-variety pepper from Sarawak. Our peppers are grown organically, without the use of any chemicals.

  • Variety: Lada Kuching
  • Heat: Mild
  • Aroma: Pleasantly refined with earthy notes

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