【Langit】Beras Sia’ – Red Rice/ 红米

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Beras Sia’ 做出来的米饭口感蓬松,略带坚果味。经过半抛光,这宝红色泽的原生稻谷易于烹煮,且带有坚果味。


  • 我们大米的升糖指数(Glycemic Index,简称GI)处于55-69之间

  • 抗氧化剂的良好来源

  • 维生素D的来源, 膳食纤维的来源

  • 重950克,食用量为10份

  • 煮饭比例:1杯水:1杯米

  • 储存方法:打开后,建议冷藏以保持稻米的质量,避免米虫(蛀虫)。

  • 易于烹煮,无需浸泡

Beras Sia’ packs a slightly nutty and wholesome fluffy texture. This ruby red heirloom variety is semi-polished, easy to cook, and tastes nutty.
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  • Moderate GI between 55-69.

  • Source of antioxidants, protein, dietary fibre, and Vitamin D.

  • 10 servings in a 950g pack.

  • Cooking ratio: 1 cup water: 1 cup of rice

  • Storage method: Once open, keep refrigerated to maintain the quality of rice and avoid weevils.

  • Easy to cook, don’t require soaking

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