Etblisse Prune Essence With Ginseng And Goji 花旗参枸杞黑枣精华饮(4x80ml)

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Etblisse Prune Essence With Ginseng And Goji 花旗参枸杞黑枣精华饮

Product Origin 原产地 : Malaysia 马来西亚

Net Weight 净重量 : 4x 80ml

Ingredients 成份 : 
Water, Dates, Raw Honey, Goji Berries, Organic Prunes, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, American Ginseng.
Allergy Advice : Contains Honey
Description 介绍 :
Etblisse Prune Essence with Ginseng and Goji is the ideal drink supplement for those living in fast-paced and hectic schedule, especially busy workers, office ladies, tired mums and even learning kids to enjoy in just one easy small bottle. Concentrated with the essence from organic California prune grown in pristine environment, it is even better with the enhancement from eye-guardian goji berries and premium American ginseng to promote radiant eyes, overall complexion and increase energy level.
·         California Organic prune high in fibre & sorbitol promote gut detoxification and clear bright skin 
·         High antioxidant power prevents free radical damage to preserve youthful skin
·         Rich in vitamins and iron promote blood circulation & rosy skin complexion
·         Premium American ginseng and goji berries increase energy and revive healthy luminous eyes


·         美洲有机黑枣蕴含纤维质及山梨糖醇确保肠胃通畅,由内调理散发健康光彩
·         高抗氧化抵抗自由基伤害,恢复年轻靓丽肌肤
·         丰富维生素及铁质,促进红润肤色及活力体态
·         顶级花旗参及枸杞补气活血、明目亮颜

Benefits 产品卖点 :

California Organic Prune
ü  2-3 times higher in antioxidant level than blueberry and strawberry1
ü  Antioxidants protect skin from free radical damage and slow aging process
ü  Rich in minerals such as iron for better blood circulation and boost skin ruddiness
ü  Abundant in fibre and sorbitol to promote regular bowel movement and maintain healthy digestive system
ü  Combined result from antioxidants and gut friendly fibre translate into clearer and healthy skin complexion from within
Goji Berries
ü  Antioxidants for eyes and skin
ü  Supports healthy aging
Premium American Ginseng
ü  2x more active compounds ginsenosides compared to Asian Ginseng2
ü  Improves mental performance and increase energy level
ü  Reduces stress level, fatigue and provide calmness
ü  Improves overall immunity
ü  比蓝莓及草莓高出2至3倍的抗氧化功效1
ü  抗氧化剂保护皮肤于自由基伤害及延缓老化过程
ü  富含铁质及多种矿物质,帮助改善血液循环及促进皮肤红润
ü  富含纤维质及山梨糖醇,促进肠蠕动及提升消化道健康
ü  抗氧化功效及健康的大肠环境维持靓丽肌肤
ü  丰富抗氧化护眼明目、养颜美肤
ü  维持健康老化
ü  比一般人参多出2倍的活性成分人参皂甙2
ü  提升整体精力及集中力
ü  帮助舒缓神经压力及消除疲劳
ü  增强免疫系统、强健身体

1USDA Agricultural Research Service. 1999. High ORAC Foods May Slow Aging.

2Qi LW, Wang CZ, Yuan CS. Ginsenosides from American ginseng: chemical and pharmacological diversity. Phytochemistry. 2011;72(8):689-699.

Serving Suggestion 建议食用方式
Shake well before use. Consume directly before meal, once a day.
Storage Method 存放方式
Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Keep refrigerated and consume within 6 hours after opening.
Friendly Reminder 温馨提示
This is a 100% natural and organic product, it is therefore normal for the colour and texture to vary from batches to batches.
此乃100% 天然及有机产品,每批产品色泽与质感有所差异,皆属正常。
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