Etblisse OYA Beet' N Grains Plant-Based Milk 红甜菜植物奶 1L (Vegan纯素)

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Etblisse OYA Beet’ N Grains Plant-Based Milk 红甜菜植物奶 (Vegan纯素)

Product Origin 原产地 : Malaysia 马来西亚
Net Weight 净重量 : 1 Litre
Price 价钱 : RM13.90

Ingredients 成份:
Water*, Oat, Organic Soybean, Oligosaccharide Prebiotic, Organic Cane Sugar, Corn Syrup, Beetroot, Soy Protein, Brown Rice, Mung Bean, Red Bean, Job’s Tear, Buckwheat, Millet, Purple Rice, Barley, Black Bean, Red Lentil, Soy Lecithin, Wheat Fibre, Nutritional Yeast, White Sesame, Flaxseed, Sea Salt

*Ultrafiltered & UV filtered water

Allergen Information: Contains Wheat (Gluten), Soy, Sesame

Made in a factory that also handles tree nuts, milk, oat


Description 介绍:
~ 70% of our immunity exists in our gut. However, the globalization of modern diet high in processed, refined food and low in fibre has cause a disruption to our vital gut microflora, leading to many modern age health problems such as constipation, poor immunity , skin allergies, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.
~ Etblisse OYA plant-based milk is formulated with 100% natural & organic ingredients rich in many important nutrients, including plant protein, dietary fibre, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to support our bodies’ own defenses against lethal viruses and chronic sickness. Moreover, the added oligosaccharide prebiotic help to maintain a healthy gut microflora, which is essential for an healthy gut and stronger immunity. Not only is it low in fat, it is also 100% cholesterol and trans fat-free as we do not use any ingredients of animal origin in this product. Last but not least, OYA is completely free from any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservative so you and your family can happily enjoy this product anytime and anywhere!

~ 人体70%的免疫力存在于我们的肠道中。然而,高加工、低纤维的现代饮食的全球化却对我们至关重要的肠道微生物群造成破坏,导致许多现代健康问题,比如便秘、免疫力差、皮肤过敏、心血管疾病、甚至是癌症。

~ 秉持着100%天然有机的理念,etblisse OYA 植物奶以全天然食物配制而成,完全不含任何人工色素、调味剂或防腐剂。作为全家健康植物奶的选择,OYA富含许多重要营养素,包括植物性蛋白质、膳食纤维、抗氧化剂、维生素及矿物质以强化我们身体对致命病毒及慢性疾病的防御。此外,所添加的寡糖益生元有助肠道益菌的生长及维持良好的肠道菌群平衡, 进而增强身体全面的抵抗力。当然,OYA不采用任何动物性成分,是零胆固醇、零反式脂肪且低脂肪含量的既饮植物奶!

Benefits 产品卖点 :

~ We know you care about your skin, so we want to help by sharing our secret skincare food with you – the Beet’n Grains! Reap the benefits of SUPERFOOD BEET today:

~ Superfood beetroot
•    Iron & folic acid promote good blood flow and rosy skin complexion
•    Betanins (antioxidant) fights free radicals and supports anti-aging
~ Organic soybean, oat & multigrains
•    Soy protein strengthens collagen structure and promote tissue repair
•    Soya isoflavone helps to regulate hormone & relieves menopausal symptoms
•    Dietary fibre for better bowel movement
Flaxseed Omega-3
•    Retain hydrated, smooth & supple skin
Oligosaccharides Prebiotic
•    Maintains a healthy gut environment & prevent constipation
•    Improves immunity

我们知道你非常关心自己的皮肤健康,因此我们想和你分享我们最爱的护肤食品:Beet’n Grains!马上获取超级食物甜菜根的好处吧!

•    铁质及叶酸促进良好的血液循环及红润肌肤
•    甜菜苷(抗氧化剂)抵抗自由基及抗衰老
•    大豆蛋白强化胶原蛋白结构及促进细胞组织修复
•    大豆异黄酮有助调节荷尔蒙及舒缓更年期症状
•    膳食纤维促进肠胃蠕动
•    保持水润、光滑及柔软的肌肤
•    维持健康的肠道及预防便秘
•    提升免疫力

Serving Suggestions 建议使用方式 : 

~ Just pour 250ml into a glass and enjoy! May also add into different recipes such as smoothies, bakeries, puddings and cookings.
~ Recommended 2 servings a day.

~ 将250毫升倒入杯中就能享用啦!亦可加入其他料理制作如奶昔、烘焙食品、布丁等。

~ 一天建议饮用两次。

Storage Method 存放方式 : 
~ Once opened, keep refrigerated and consume within 5 days of opening.
~ 开罐后请放入冰箱保持冷藏并于5天内饮用完毕。
Friendly Reminder 温馨提示 :
~ This is a 100% natural and organic product, it is therefore normal for the colour and texture to vary from batches to batches.
~ 此乃100% 天然及有机产品,每批产品色泽与质感有所差异,皆属正常。

* For every OYA sold, 3% goes to the Moya Conservation Fund to help the endangered Malayan tapirs.

每售出一盒 OYA植物饮,将捐赠3%给 Moya 保护基金,以帮助濒临绝种的马来貘。


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