Etblisse 100% Pure Pine Honey 100%纯松树蜂蜜

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🚩 Etblisse 100% Pure Pine Honey – 100%纯松树蜂蜜
👉 Product Origin 原产地 : Turkey 土耳其
👉 Net Weight 净重量 :  900g

👉 Product Description
💢 Turkish Gem – Pine Honeydew Honey
~ Pine honey is a type of honeydew honey produced by honeybees that collect honeydew (sugary secretions) from a scale insect species, Marchalina hellenica, that lives on the sap of certain pine trees. Honeybees collect these excudates and turn them into honey in the hive.
~ More than 90% of the world’s pine honey comes from Turkey, in the Mugla province in the South Aegean region. Turkish Pine Honey is a sweet and caramel honey, with a resinous fragrance and dark amber colour. It has been prised for innumerable benefits to our health, through its anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.
👉 产品介绍
💢 土耳其国宝 — 松树蜜露
~ 松树蜂蜜是由蜜蜂通过收集松树的蜜露;而不是花蜜,这代表松树蜂蜜的开採方式与典型的蜂蜜是不同的。蜜露是由一种叫 “玛卡丽娜·海伦尼卡”的小昆虫分泌出来的含糖分泌物。这些小昆虫寄居在特定品种的松树上并吸食松树的树汁而分泌而成。蜜蜂在收集了这些甜蜜的分泌物,再经过蜜蜂自身的加工处理(消毒、杀菌、去除水分)之后,成为色泽较深的纯松蜜露。
~ 松树蜜露,是一种特别又稀少的蜂蜜。仅产自于浪漫的爱情海原生态松树森林,又称为蜜中蜜,每年仅夏季採集2次,产量非常稀有,更显得珍贵。松树蜜色泽棕红透亮,甜中带有松树清香及焦糖风味。其抗菌、抗发炎及抗氧化效益更是比一般药用麦努卡蜂蜜高,营养含量更加分!

👉 Ingredient : Natural Pure Pine Honey
👉 成份 : 天然纯松树蜂蜜

👉 Directions
~ Enjoy 1 teaspoon 1-3 times daily directly from the jar. For best results take 30 minutes before meals.
~ Can also be mixed with coffee, tea, plant-based milk, yogurt or used in smoothie, ice-cream, pancake recipes.
~ Suitable for topical use.
👉 使用方式
~ 餐前30分钟直接含服1茶匙,每日1~3次。
~ 也可加入咖啡、茶饮、植物奶、优格或用以代替白糖制备奶昔、冰淇淋、煎饼食谱。也可外敷。

👉 Storage Method
~ Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight.
👉 存放方式
~ 请存放在阴凉及干燥处。避免热与阳光直接照射。

👉 Friendly Reminder
~ This is a 100% organic product, the flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.
* Not suitable for infants under 12 months.
👉 温馨提示
~ 此乃100%有机产品,其色泽及风味会因採收季节不同而有所微差。

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