[NL] Cranberry Vinegar 天然蔓越莓果醋

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Cranberry Vinegar 天然蔓越莓果醋 (590 ML)

蔓越莓,也称为神秘果,通常生长与北美。它是一种小而圆的水果,成熟后呈鲜红色。 这种微小的水果不仅看起来很有吸引力,而且还有助于促进容光焕发的肤色和调节身体机能。蔓越莓中的马尿酸也是一种天然抗生素,可有效保护女性的私密健康并解决尿路感染。

台湾 No。1 水果醋 家家户户必备的养生果醋。


– 预防和改善尿道感染
– 含有高亢氧化成分,可抗衰老
– 预防胃溃疡

原料: 蔓越莓汁,糯米醋,天然果糖,蜂蜜

-100% 天然物质
– 无人工香料,无色素,无防腐剂。
– 适合素食者。

– 用 一份醋 和 5 到 6 份水搅拌
– 可以使用冷水或温水。
– 上菜前摇匀

Cranberry, also known as moss berry, is generally found across North America. It is a small and round fruit that ripens to a bright red colour. This tiny fruit is not only attractive to look at, but is also known to help promote radiant complexion and regulate bodily functions. The hippuric acid in cranberry is also a natural antibiotic that is effective to safeguard women’s intimate health and addresses urinary tract infections.

Taiwan No.1 Fruit Vinegar

The benefits of Cranberry Vinegar:
– Prevents and treats urinary tract infections.
– High in antioxidants.
– Prevents stomach ulcers.

ingredients: Cranberry Juice, Aronia Juice, Glutinous Rice Vinegar, Fructose, Honey

Serving Instructions:
– Dilute with 5 to 6 parts of water.
– Served either hot or cold.
– Shake well before serving.

-100% Natural.
– No artificial flavouring, colouring and preservatives.
– Suitable for vegetarian.

Expiration: 3 years

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