Biogreen 5 Grain Plus Oatmilk 五谷Plus燕麥植物奶

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Biogreen 5 Grain Plus Oatmilk五谷Plus燕麥植物奶

Product Origin 原产地 :USA 美国

Net Weight 净重量 :850g

Price 价钱 :RM65.80

Ingredients :
Oat, Black Bean, Oligosaccharide Prebiotic,  White Sesame, Barley, Buckwheat, Brown Rice, Sorghum, Millet, Red Wheat, Purple Rice, Red Glutinous Rice, Soy Lecithin, Soya Bean, Pearl Barley, Chinese Yam, Lotus Seed, Gordon Euryale Seed, Poria, Dwarf Lilyturf Root, Lily, Wolfberry, Ginkgo

*Allergy Advice: Contains Soy, Sesame & Wheat (Gluten)



~ Biogreen 5 Grain Plus Oatmilk Energy is improved formula plant-based milk with not just 5, but 13 types carefully selected, nutrient-dense premium grains for better nutritional value and enhanced palate satisfaction. Aside from just multigrain, nourishing Chinese herbs are also added as an additional source of several important nutrients for a healthy and well-rounded diet.
~ Designed to meet current health needs, 5 Grain Plus Oatmilk Energy is also fortified with oligosaccharides prebiotics for better digestion, nutrient absorption and immunity. Friendly for people of all ages, this upgraded formula has a better grain-aroma and retaining the old goodness with “No added cane sugar”.
ü  Synergic combination of wholegrains & prebiotic for gut’s health
ü  2.5x higher in protein compare to previous formulation
ü  30% more fibre compare to previous formulation
ü  No added sugar
~ Biogreen五谷Plus燕麥植物奶升级版蕴含不止5种,而是多达13种精心挑选营养丰富的全谷类,谷香浓郁且口感依旧顺滑可口。除了13种高纤全谷类,所添加的珍贵平性药膳亦可提供滋补养生的功效。此外,所添加的寡糖益生源也有利于肠胃消化、营养吸收及提升整体免疫力。
~ 五谷Plus燕麥植物奶可谓是依据现代人士的健康需求特别调配而成的植物奶。秉持着无添加糖份的特点之余,更升华了其营养价值及风味,无疑是适合各年龄层的健康谷粮饮品。
ü  肠胃友好的全谷类及益生源
ü  蛋白質含量比原配方高出2.5倍
ü  纖維質含量比原配方高出30%
ü  無添加糖分
Benefits : 
[Synergic combination] 13 Whole Grains
ü  Oat beta-glucan to regulate cholesterol level
ü  Better amino acids profile with variety grains combination
ü  Nutrients powerhouse such as vitamin B complex, calcium, potassium and various antioxidants
ü  High in dietary fibre that promotes heart & digestive health
[Mild& Nourishing] Premium Chinese herbs
ü  Improve stamina & general well-being
ü  Nourish spleen & stomach
ü  Promotes bowel movement
Oligosaccharide Prebiotic
ü  Supports growth of friendly bacteria in the gut
ü  Promotes bowel movement & relieves constipation
ü  Improves immunity
产品卖点 :
ü  燕麦beta-葡聚糖调节胆固醇
ü  来自全谷杂粮氨基酸互补配搭的优质蛋白质
ü  营养库存如维生素B、钙质、钾质、各种抗氧化剂等
ü  高纤维质促进心血管及消化系统健康
[滋补养生] 珍贵药膳食材
ü  滋补养生、补中益气
ü  健脾益胃
ü  通肠润便
ü  促进肠道益菌生长
ü  有助肠胃蠕动兼舒缓便秘
ü  增强免疫力
Serving Suggestions :
~ Mix 2 tablespoons (25g) with 200ml warm water (avoid hot water). Stir well and serve. It contains dietary fibre content will naturally settle at the bottom of the cup after reconstitution.
建议使用方式 : 
~ 将2汤匙(25克)加入200毫升温水(忌用热水),搅拌均匀即可饮用。其天然膳食纤维在冲泡后会沉淀于杯底。
Storage Method :
~ Store in a cool, dry place, away from heat and direct sunlight. Use within 8 weeks after opening.
存放方式 :
~ 请存放在阴凉及干燥处。避免热与阳光直接照射。开罐后请于8周内食用完毕。
Friendly Reminder :
~ This is a 100% natural and organic product. The flavour and colour of this product may therefore vary slightly due to seasonal variation.温馨提示 :
~ 这是一款100%天然有机的产品。因此,本产品的味道和颜色可能因季节变化而略有不同。

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